ARB Fridge run time?

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How long does your fridge run vs. idle time?

I bought a used ARB fridge at the beginning of the year and since it's used I don't have a reference to how it should perform. I was timing it's run time while it was sitting in the back of the 4Runner with the lift gate open on a sunny day in 90º heat with the fridge half full of drinks and food and set to 35º. It shut off at 32º and it took roughly 45 minutes for it to reach 38º at which point it switched on and ran for nearly 50 minutes to get back down to 32º and shut off. This was running on AC power but I've noticed similar and even longer run times when plugged directly into a good deep cycle battery at nearly full capacity.

Just wondering how this compares to what others see. I didn't have much luck searching for this particular subject.