Anyone notice Gravel Travel RRClassic

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Almonte, Ontario, Canada
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I am interested in this event Roaming Rally Classic.
I would not be interested in traveling by myself single vehicle.

Is anyone attending or looking to start a group for this event ? Interested?

I am missing a few key items , proper GPS using tablet at this time. A good recovery kit.


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Toronto, Canada
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I've gone in the past and it was a great time! A lot of like-minded folks attend and I don't think anyone had trouble finding a group to join on a run from basecamp. We managed to meet some great new friends at past events.
This year's format is a little different as the whole group will be moving to different camp sites every night.

Check out the Roaming Rally Facebook group if you're looking for fellow attendees, usually plenty of folks from the Ottawa area.

I'm pumped and ready for this year's adventure!