Any Vegas or Henderson folks have driveway space around Nov 1st-ish SEMA

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Howdy Vegas & Henderson folks,
I am doing a 30day, 4500 mile roadtrip building a 2019 Ford Transit for SEMA.
Along the way I will stop at Aluminess, Sportsmobile, Quadvan, Extreme Outback and others to build on bits here and there......but you know SEMA projects never go as planned.

So I was wondering if any of the fine folks on this forum that live in Vegas or Henderson might have some driveway space they can let me use in case of last minute SEMA panic mods or fixes are needed.
I will be carrying hand tools and some cordless goodies so it is just safe space that isn't a Walmart parking lot.
I am happy to pay or bribe you will Swag or whatever you need.

My hope is that by asking I won't need it but if I dont then I will be up the dry creek for sure.

Thanks in advance