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Hi Everyone,

Looking for antenna suggestions for my F-150, for both my CB and 2 meter Yaesu. Here's the rub. I can't drill any holes in the roof of the rig, and I am using a slide-in truck camper. I have the space for a mag mount on the roof. But I am unsure how the camper is going to affect my signal quality. The CB is bascially for a couple my wife and I travel with (i.e. to Expo East in Oct and Expo West in May) who swears by CB. Yeah I have days I want to beat him with a Firestik...... anyways, the 2m rig is for local repeaters, ARES during non travel times. Normally I would try different options, and put together the best set up I can, but I am a VERY tight budget, and I really can't afford to try and fail a couple of times before getting it right.

Checking the RV forums, I have found that the Skin of these campers. causes issues and suck as a ground plane. The Camper is removed a lot and truck is our get to work rig in heavy weather.

Mrs. Coffee has decreed no holes to be drilling in "her" truck. Period. Unless I want to spend the remainder of my life sleeping in it alone...... :/

Suggestions? (about the antenna, not my wife!)



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I would look at fender mounts... small holes still have to be drilled but are not noticeable with the hood closed.
Though they are bottom loaded I like the Larsen NMO27 CB antenna (or Browning BR-140b). They are quite flexible and NMO like most ham radio antennas. But given the budget concerns, a Firestik is cheaper.
For 2m, if it's just for local repeaters a 1/4 wave on the fender will likely work fine for you depending on where those repeaters are located.


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I have to second Preunner on the fender mount. I install radios in airport vehicles and that is where we put all of ours. You are correct that the skin of that camper is going to suck as a ground plane so I would say your best bet is a fender mount. Two small holes on the inside of your engine bay and you have a easy solid mount. If even the smallest hole is not an option 3M double sided tape MAY be strong enough for what you need. (two 1"X1" pieces hold my single row light bar on with enough strength to hang my bumper off) Just be sure to let it cure for 72 hours before putting weight on it.

Last option would be to just use the mag mount when you need it. Long term it will likely ruin your paint but short term (days/weeks at a time) it should work. You will lose range transmitting at targets behind you but if your just talking to another truck in convoy I doubt you notice.
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