Amazon Fridge Deal

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Just got a 12v fridge from amazon ....
55L(58 Quart) Dual Zone Electric Mini Portable Cooler, Fridge and Freezer L-G Compressor, car and Home use vz-cf55LG
the build seems real nice size is decent and looks to be a deal ... for 313 bucks ... time will tell of course... this will be my first fridge and hopefully it holds up ... built a poor mans jackery from a battery box and old deep cycle marine battery and a solar panel ... again time will tell how the system works ... looking forward to the snow melting to get out and test .. fridge works great plugged in but the real test will be out in the field ...


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Interesting, in their description it says it's an "Alpicool" fridge and it sure looks like one. I'd also verify the claim of using an LG compressor at that price point, these rebranded cheap fridges are all built the same and just have different brands slapped on the side.

You can see Revere Overland's comparison of an ICECO to an Alpicool here - (The compressor comparison starts at the 2:50 mark), it's not running an LG compressor.

On Alpicool's website (Product - CF45 - Alpicool Inc.) they say "Alpicool/LG compressor." Like...what? Sounds like they're saying "Chinese LG clone." Like the Chinese generators that claim to use Honda engines. Just beware of certain claims.