Advice on MaxTrax mounting on Gobi rack

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I'm looking into bracket mounting options for MaxTrax boards on my 04 Xterra with a Gobi Stealth.

What brackets do you use and/or recommend? Thanks in advance!

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I used 4 bolts with large flat washers through the Gobi's metal mesh and then up through the MaxTrax mounting holes/carry holes. I ran the bolt with a large washer up through the mesh, added a washer atop the mesh and then a nut tightened down. That gave me a stud to stick up through the MaxTrax. Add another large washer and wing nut on top and you have secured your MaxTrax. I used a bike lock cable for security. Has worked for several years now.


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i just ratchet strap mine to the spare tire when I head out. That way I have no issues with thieves. It also helps to live in Wyoming where people don't steal from each other. We leave our cars running in the walmart parking lot here while we head in.