A Quartet of Fledgling Little Green Herons

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A quartet of fledgling Little Green Herons in the weeping cherry tree in our back yard. This is the third year they’ve nested in the linden tree in our yard, each time with four chicks.

Nikon D750/Tamron 150-600mm f/5.0-6/3
400mm focal length, 1/320 sec at f/6, ISO 1600

Edited in Luminar 2018:
Cropped edges
Reduced exposure 0.7ev
Slight sharpening
Reduced yellow (the leaves were too prominent)
Exported as 3840 x 2684 high quality JPG (8.1 MB)

Fledgling Green Herons-4K.jpg

My own critique:

I increased the ISO and in-camera exposure compensation for the bright background. In hindsight, I should have left the compensation at zero, and indeed, reduced it in post processing. I could have used a lower ISO, too, but at the risk of movement in the image.

I took the photo through an open window. Id like to have gotten a little to the left, as then the birds would have had a background of blue spruce instead of the yellowish weeping cherry leaves. I needed to reduce the yellow in post to make the birds stand out more.

You can't pose wildlife, but I'd like to have at least one of the birds with its neck extended. A few seconds later, two moved away and then one extended its neck. I like the quartet better, though.

Tripod mounting would have sharpened the eyes more. But they birds would have been gone by the time I set it up.

Depth of Field is okay. Most of the bird's bodies are in focus, and the background is out of focus enough to make them stand out. Having the darker spruce as a background 10 or so feet further away would have been a much more pleasing composition.

An interesting photograph showing a hint of personality (anthropomorphizing), but not really a good quality image. I give it a "meh plus"

Did you know that a group of herons is called a "siege"?

Comments and criticism requested. Please pick it apart.