A few sites worth checking out....

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Hey all...this is just an FYI post. Just a few great sites online that may be worth a look.

1.) Triple Aught Design...A few of you out here already know about this one...for those who don't, well...it's an awesome company that has high end adventure & tactical clothing and gear. They sponsor events, support our troops, and much, much more. They are on Facebook and Twitter as well.

2.) Dude, I want that...DIWT has awesome items, clothing and goods...that are, well...AWESOME. Want a real Tumbler Batmobile from the Christian Bale Dark Knight series, for $350K, you can buy one! Want a box of chocolates shaped like puckered anuses? Yep. How about a triple barrel shotgun? That too. A real helicopter or a real castle? Really? Yes really? What about a hard shell camping "doughnut" for 8-12 that folds down the size of a large folding Costco table? Oh, yeah. Seriously...check it out!

3.) Guns -n- Rovers...This one is geared more towards Land Rover fans and owners...LOL, self explanatory!

4.) Gear Patrol...This is a really cool online magazine that is free to subscribe. Weekly, they cover everything...the latest, greatest digital cameras, to the best vintage film cameras...best new watches, best vintage watches, work out programs, cars, overlanding, food, spirits, expeditions, travel, latest gear, space travel, how to win at chess, movies, music, books, magazines, best pizza joints, visiting native tribes, treasure hunting, modern piracy, business, how to dress modern in vintage clothing, etc., etc., cool Ezine, check it out!

5.) Expeditionoffroad.com...This is an awesome site to buy expedition and overlanding gear. Definitely worth a look!

6.) X Expedition Overland...This is a reality based web series that is presented by Toyota that follows a group of overlanders and their vehicles around the world! Awesome adventures!

If you have any cool sites to add to this list...please do!
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