5 Iconic Road Trips To Take Before Your Kids Grow Up

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I like the list, most of them were already on my list, however I'd make a couple of changes.

New York to Acadia - Im from Texas, however I've had the prigelege of spending a good bit of time in the Boston/Providence area, and to drive through there without cruising down to Providence and Jamestown, over the Newport Bridge and at least SEEING Newport is doing yourself and the trip a disservice.

Birmingham to DC - I was stationed at Bragg for a long time (anyone who was ever stationed at Bragg was there too long) so I would skip the Airborne and SF Museum and instead go through Norfolk to Richmond. The Navy base there is home to serious metal, and the Norfolk area is beautiful. You could also throw in a trip up the outer banks if you tried.

I like the way they themed each one though.
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