23zero Peregrine Shower Tent

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Just installed this and haven't actually used it, but I think a quick review is in order. I already have the 23zero Peregrine 180 awning which has been solid and I had the 23zero Walkabout 72 RTT. With that said, I spend a lot of time on the beaches so wind is a factor. I also have a 5' bed so space is a factor. I was using a CVT portable shower tent but it took up a lot of real estate and was a PITA to put away in the wind. This thing takes literally 8 seconds to unfold and maybe 17 seconds to put away. That's the theme of my truck is quick and easy. I love it and it's worth the $329 I paid for it. For comparison, Alu Cab makes a similar one which is smaller and twice the price.




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Yes my name is Steven Reeves known as Hercules new member I am checking out a shower system for my vehicle the price is about right now or what I’ve seen with others nice nice shower