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2021 TRD Offroad Toyota Tacoma (IVY)

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Well, the wife has made the plunge and we now have a second money pit just as the Jeep is being finished up.. (I may unload it to build a UTE gladiator Shhhhh).

Looking at 285/70R17 BFG KO2s, OME BP51 setup, and Black Rhinos to wrap the rubber around to kick it off and have already ordered the pro grill swap as it's just so much better. Looking for help on the backspace/offset of wheels if anyone has info/experience.
C4 Fab Hybrid will go on the front unless I can find an aluminum option we like the looks of better. The bumper will get set up with the full array from Baja and a VR EVO 12S. Probably go Nitro gears 5.29 to keep it quick on the feet. Toss a Prinsu cab rack up top and a CBI rear bumper on.
Still unsure about the cab. Considering touching base with friends at AluCab to try out the camper for a month but we hate the overcab look of most the campers even the GFC..
We may end up with some truck vault drawers and a Leitner system but wife also doesn't care for the busy look of those so probably won't do that... The whole bed is very much in decisions..decisions phase.

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looking at 285/70R17, how much backspaces am I going to need to keep cutting etc for rubs to a minimum?
Builds to follow and have a look at?

Dream Sheet:
GFC Bed Topper (GFC please make a tent for this that opens like my IKamper Mini so I can lose the cab overhang look that is keeping me to just getting a topper no camper at the moment)