2019 Subaru Outback rated recovery points. Anyone make any?

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Subaru claims the factory ones are rated to withstand you being pulled out of a ditch but i dont beleive it i had the same screw in bumper type on my mazda 3 and they were not up to the task. Your best bet is to get a rear hitch mount and a d ring hitch or diy a front mount hitch.

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Short answer... no but plenty of us use the OE F/R recovery points. They certainly do have their designed limits. Despite my best efforts I haven't had to use mine for a recovery but those limits are straight-ish pulls and if you're going to do a dynamic recovery its super important to use the right equipment. I HIGHLY recommend against using any hooks other than OE in the OE recovery points. I also strongly advise against steel shackles in the OE hooks. Its unfortunately a trendy thing to do but it's unsafe because we know the OE hook can fail, no doubt at an engineer determined point. With that said soft shackles are the way to go for a multitude of reasons.

If you want serious recovery points without doing an entire bumper its easy enough to replace the crash beam, front or rear, with a fabricated one. At that point you simply cut small holes and poke your recovery points through the bumper covers.