2015 Maroc Challenge

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Paul Misencik

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Hello all! I'm new here, and thought this might be a good way to introduce myself. I'm also new to overlanding and off roading in general (although I have a deep history in competitive circuit racing and rally driving, which I am quite sure will help little and may hinder substantially. Hahaha!)

Anyway, I am an American living now in Spain, and I have entered the 2015 Maroc Challenge, an off road adventure rally through Morocco. It is held twice a year, in the spring and in the winter, and I will in the Winter edition, which kicks off in a little more than three months (December 6-12, 2015)

So I am preparing my trusty old Range Rover "Classic" for the challenge. It is a 1989 2-door Range Rover, with an injected 3.5L V-8 and 5-speed manual transmission. Right now it is pretty much all stock, but in nearly perfect mechanical shape, so it's a good base for a project.

I will likely lean heavily on this forum for advice and recommendations, and as I am a novice, your experience is always more than appreciated, so thank you in advance.

Oh, and although I have no connection to the event, if anyone is interested, the website for the Maroc Challenge is http://marocchallenge.es. (There is a pull down menu at the top right of the page to select your language.)

Paul Misencik
Javea, Alicante