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1999 WJ Grand Cherokee Adventure Rig

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Advocate II

Well I haven't posted in a while so figured I would throw out an update. Since about mid June I have been dealing with my mothers failing health. She finally pasted on the second of July and I have been struggling to deal with that. Life hasn't worked with me much for grieving, working 40+ during the week then going through my mom's things on the weekends. I will be ok just need time.

On a different note it looks like my WJ will be going away in the next couple months. We were given my mom's Jetta so instead of having to buy a second vehicle we are going to trade the WJ in to save money on all the fixes. Looks like I will be getting a JKUR in the near future. So a new build thread will be started.

I may not be on much but I will check in periodically.