FOR SALE 1996 E250 4x4 Excursion Van 351 V8 150,000miles

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1996 Ford E250 4x4 Excursion Van $35,000

I don't want to hog a bunch of space on here but folk have been asking to post this and show if anyone needs details or insight...I'm happy to share what I can!!!

Originally an Oregon Lottery Van(fun history based on scandal regarding mis-use of lottery funds).
An original Salem Kroger 4x4 conversion and recently upgraded by Whitefeather 4x4 in Red Bluff California(Craig is the owner and was part of Salem Kroger back in the day and remembered this van).
5.8 351 gas engine, E40D automatic transmission with 3.73 gear ratio

March 2016 Whitefeather 4x4 upgraded and changed the following:
—Properly aligned sway bar links and rebushed links.
—Constructed new drag link from stock(new)2007 F350 4x4 parts with bend in passenger side, fabricated adjuster for correct length.
—Fabricated new drivers side track bar mount with 3 gussets to ensure long term stability.
—Installed new front and rear shock. Front-KYB #344375, Rear-KYB #KG54314
—New battery and positive cable.
$2,913.27 work of upgrades/repairs at Whitefeather.

I purchased April of 2016 in San Diego, CA and drove back to Colorado as a plain jane cargo van.
My intention for this van was to create a van that would let me work on the road crafting custom homes/projects for customers whilst being able to take it anywhere I wanted! It does all that.
The entire van was built around two elements…the rear cargo drawer and a roof top gravity feed water tank/shower tank.
This drawer holds all the tools I need to build a house basically(minus a table saw). It holds an entire family’s camping needs or anyone's cross country trekking equipment.
The water tank holds 49 gallons of water and is piped via 3/4” copper into the custom copper sink. Plus an external plug in socket for an anytime shower. There’s also a 6” front and rear PVC section to hold fishing poles or misc. items to your liking. It was designed to drop a 12V pump in a creek or lake and refill the takes whilst hunting or camping.

Summer of 2016 and as time allowed in summer 2017 all the following were completed…
—Complete tuneup of plugs, wires, cap and rotor.
—Noticed right exhaust manifold was cracked, replaced with new manifold.
—New windshield installed.
__New rear springs.
VAN WAS COMPLETELY GUTTED…down to bare metal floor...I have every single build photo in detail!
—New Hindsight 20/20 backup sensor installed in rear bumper.
—Noico 50 mil foil&butyl sound deadener installed on entire floor, front to back and in openings of side and rear doors.
—New one piece vinyl flooring installed in the front seating area. Very easy cleanup now!
—New full roll-out cargo drawer fabricated in rear of van from Lee Valley 250# 3 tier slides, 3/4” plywood, Gorilla glue and securely anchored to van floor.
—Copper countertops and sink…I believe it’s the first van with copper countertops!!! Haven’t seen another one yet.
—Mr. Induction 1650W single burner cooktop. I just didn’t want propane inside the van. Tank etc
—Pro Mariner Pro Sport 20 Generation 20 Amp 12/24V 2 bank battery charger hooked to a super clean drivers side exterior plug in.
—Renogy 200W solar system and batteries. Vmaxtanks VMAX SLR155 AGM 12v 155ah Deep Cycle SLA Rechargeable Batteries…so 360 Amp Hours total.
—Including a 500W and 2000W inverter mounted side by side. The 2000W allows the cooktop to run effortlessly and also allows for the use of power tools with the van running!!! Very cool.
—Cork flooring installed in main cabin area.
—Isotherm refrigerator…no cheap model here. The real deal for true refrigerated luxury.
—Custom rear racks fabricated…left door holds three waterproof Rigid boxes. One for fishing tackle, one for biking and one for kayaking. Right door holds two Yakima front loader bike racks in a vertical fashion.
—Fantastic ceiling fan truly does the trick when needed.
—New rear seat cushions/bedding mattress from Auto Interiors Plus. I had them made with rugged vinyl on the bottom so they can literally be pulled out, thrown on the ground for an instant bed or picnic without spending an hour picking leaves, dirt and pine needles out!!! It’s a great asset.
—Inno Roof Rack system which holds whatever you want! I have it setup for my sea kayak and Gordigear roof top tent but they can easily be moved to handle any configuration you need.

This van will spoil you and yours!!! I even created a little cubby for my NutriBullet(holds a diffuser nicely as well), I have a rice cooker in there which I’ve just turned on whilst driving somewhere and cooked my rice/veggies in route.
Nothing has been done hokey, everything works without issue.
I’m selling to create a camper/truck setup. If you don’t like this one exactly, perhaps I can create a custom one for you. I basically build custom homes/shops/additions, restore classic cars and create custom cars/motorbikes for folks. It’s just what I do!!!

*******Will deliver anywhere in USA or Canada for a return plane ticket and gas expenses to your location*********I've done this several times on eBay, once with a BMW to Alaska, so know you can trust the process! Otherwise buyer is responsible pickup on all levels!
Ask any questions, thanks for looking.