12v Hella plug on National Luna Fridge

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So here is a question for the group. Upon receiving the National Luna 52L Weekender I noticed that it comes wired with a European style Hella plug. What do most of you do as a work around to adapt it to the US style of 12V car plugs.

Do you purchase an adapter?
Purchase a US Style 12V plug and wire it up?
purchase a Hella plug and install into the vehicle...

What is the consensus??

Pics and links are always welcome


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I have an ARB fridge, so maybe it may not apply, but even on the ARB fridge, I hacked off (after verifying polarity first) the 12V cig lighter adapter, but left a little bit of a pig tail. Then I attached Anderson powerpoles to both the fridge cord end, and the 12V cig adapter end, so even if someone want to borrow my fridge, it will still work on their rig. Then I ran 10g wire from the blue sea fuse box to my hatch area, and terminated with said power pole. Also did the Anderson power poles on my CB and a few other things, better connection, less resistance/ voltage drop, and comparable with the home solar battery bank and similar minded friends setups. They are great connectors, and very popular more so with comm guys.

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