00 Silverado Build

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Hello Everyone. I'm new to this forum. My name is Chad and I'm an avid off-roader and Jeep enthusiast, a Mechanic a welder/metal fabricator, that owns a local woodworking company making custom everything.

This whole overlanding thing is pretty awesome. I got to experience it a little with some buddies and I got hooked. Currently I am in the process of building a full sized rig. I picked this truck up about 8 years ago to have a fun little project, unfortunately I lost it in an insane divorce battle and it was left to rott in a field. Fast forward to 2020 my ex decided to sell it back to me and my son just happened to get into the mechanics of motors and cars. the thing started right up after sitting for so long and I used it as a work truck. Long story short, my 12 yr old son and I are planning a 1 month trip across the US, to hit up just about every national park that we can, along with several other areas that may not be fully accessible to your regular vehicle. We have a 7 month build time frame to create a very capable rig.

Vehicle: 2000 Chevy Silverado EXT cab Z71

The build list consists of the following

Engine / Drive Train
Completely rebuilt 5.3 LS (currently in progress)
forged rods / pistons
ported heads, upgraded valve springs and pushrods
arp studs on everything
possible turbo setup (ill find out whether or not that fits into the budget)

268383631_407603847828345_6914205100991929978_n.jpg the current motor runs great but we pulled this motor from an 04 Silverado to start a new build, this is my son starting the tear down, learning part by part
268822303_758021885600206_3410740497455913781_n.jpg scrubbing up each and every part, allows him to get his hands and eyes on them
271772731_3012570328984194_713946299064544714_n.jpg tore down to the block, crankshaft and rods were toast on this motor
266846355_477733057255287_3601701927510994316_n.jpg although the crank shaft and rods were garbage after cleaning, I had the block inspected by a machinist buddy and everything was within tolerance

4l60e rebuild ( currently in progress)
Monster Mega Transmission rebuilt kit
4l65e heavy Duty 5 pinion Planetary gear swap
NP461HD Transfer Case
Upgraded custom carolina driveline Driveshafts

271757232_972350320380169_7119854910495192305_n.jpg the transmission on the 00 silverado actually went out, lost reverse and 2nd. Being a GM mechanic, I knew the sunshell had gone bad, pulled the trans and ordered a Monster Mega kit, upgraded to 5 pinion planetary gears as well as a couple other gears that had lost teeth

271763726_1586724471687867_7833319696493908520_n.jpg this is the 4l60e pulled apart and cleaned up a little, everything is in its little bags, waiting to be put back together

Axles (currently in progress)
HP Dana 60 front axle
- ARB Air Locker
- Chromoly axle Shafts

14 bolt GM full float
- ARB air locker
- Chromoly axle shafts
- disc brake conversion

271805745_466316018391598_7008136232797249774_n.jpgI just picked up the axles this past weekend, havent unloaded them off the trailer yet. the tear down starts this weekend and then having them sand blasted

Suspension (coming soon)
Custom Radius Arm Setup
4-5" lift with lots of travel- Custom resevoir Coilovers (still havent decided)
high steer conversion
heavy duty custom tie rod and trackbar setup
leaf springs in rear, no block setup

Wheels and Tires (coming soon)
17" steel wheels
35" tires (still undecided on brand or type)

Recovery/Armor (coming soon)
Custom winch bumper
Warn 12000lb winch
custom rear bumper with spare tire swing
customer rock slider
custom skid plates
Custom diff armor as well
onboard air

Sleeping / interior / electronics / lighting (coming soon)
custom space frame
wedge style tent to be fabricated

There is much more to add, Ill be doing so over the next several months as I build and order



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Nice work!

If you are going cross country hitting all the National Parks you can, make sure to grab your America The Beautiful national parks pass. $80 well spent. At about $35 per car to get into a typical park, you get your money back in 3 parks.

Hit just Acadia, Yellowstone and the Badlands - you already saved a little money! After that, Arches, Bryce, Crater Lake and any other National Park entrance is free for the year. And you often get 40% off whatever government run campgrounds in those parks. Not at a KOA or anything, but the guvmint ones.
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