jeep patriot

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  1. Harriss Vann

    Jeep Patriot Overland Trip (TAT)

    I recently purchased a 2016 Jeep Patriot 4x4. I got the Patriot because it was relatively fuel efficient and had 4x4 capability. I was wondering what you guys(the somewhat experienced) would suggest I do to my patriot before going on the Trans-Am Trail. I will probably start in NC(Since I live...
  2. Harriss Vann

    Jeep Patriot Overlander

    Im 18, live in NC, and I own a 2016 Jeep Patriot Latitude 4x4 FD1. I'm new to overlanding and I already love to hike and fly fish so I figured that I'd fit right in with this community. I'm planning on making my Jeep into a light overland vehicle that I can still daily drive without losing...