hells revenge

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  1. 402Disco2

    Montezuma, Imogene, and Moab

    Hey guys, Just got back a week ago from a 7 day excursion. The Landshark Overland group met up with some locals for a Saturday St johns and deer creek trail ride. Was an absolute blast. Here is a quick video compilation we put together. Enjoy!
  2. CHILL907

    First trip to Moab!

    Finally made to Moab and got a chance to run Hells Revenge and Fins N Things! Had a blast playing on the rocks and exploring the limits of my FJ. It was also a great chance for me and my wife to strengthen our abilities as drivers and spotters! My rig is running General Grabber X3 in...
  3. 4xFar Adventures

    Subaru vs. Hell's Revenge

    Guess which one wins... I instantly thought of @FozRoamer when I saw this and had to share:)