georgia traverse

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  1. North40overland

    Georgia Traverse Trail

    Questions (and hopefully Answers) on the Georgia Traverse Trail I have spent most of 2020 and the better part of this year cataloging the Georgia Traverse Trail route. I started with the route established by the fine people at and I have been updating and adding to it. I...
  2. nolimitsoverland

    First Overland Adventure With My Dad | PATRIOT CAMPER X3 Pack Down

    Watch as I do a pack down of the Patriot Camper X3. I was blessed to have the chance to take my Dad on his first weekend overland adventure on the Georgia Traverse trail. The trip didn't end exactly how I would have wanted but we had a great time nevertheless and made some memories. It was his...
  3. Cory B

    Georgia traverse question.

    I am planning a trip to GA and going to take the opportunity to take the Ga traverse. I am going west to east and only plan on completing about half of the trail. I would like to at least make it to the iron bridge general store. I know that stops between the AL line and there will vary for...
  4. Inca4x4

    Tennessee trails

    Hi there does anyone have gaia maps for trails they have done through TN? Looking to adventure through TN and wondering if there was something like the Georgia Traverse. Thanks Instagram @Inca4x4 Facebook @inca jeep YouTube: Inca Jeep
  5. Tellus Viator

    Georgia Traverse trip 8/2 - 8/4

    I'm going on my first trip through the Georgia Traverse and looking for anyone that might want to join. I'm planning a full east to west trip. starting here. I plan to start Friday late morning, and finishing Sunday. Please let me know if you want to tag along, or if you have any tips.
  6. Aztec1369

    First Overland Trip - TX to NC and back.

    This is my first thread and our first overland trip. Our vehicle is a 2018 4Runner ORP. We are working on upgrades and armor right now in preparation for this trip, which I have been "planning" since early December. There will be 4 of us, (Wife, 2 kids, and myself). 3/20 - We are starting in...

    Georgia Traverse NE Sections – Feb 2019

    Saw something on Facebook concerning a Georgia Traverse scheduled for Feb 15-19, 2019, but Facebook decided to refresh before I could finish the post. I’m not finding it listed here though I did find a Traverse set for this Fall and subscribed to that thread. While I like the temperatures better...
  8. Tim N Michele Davis

    Georgia Transverse from the west

    We will be coming from the west hitting the Traverse about noon. What I was wondering is how far most people get the first day. Just trying to start looking at places to camp and would like some idea of the area to look in. Thanks for any help you can give
  9. thedaddybadger

    Annual ALS Charity Ride hosted by Peach State Overland #PSO2CureALS - 07/29/2017

    We are joining together to honor those impacted by Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) and to spread awareness of the urgency to find treatments and a cure. Please join us on July 29th and 30th at our public event that is being organized on Facebook in the "Peach State Overland Community #PSOFam"...