georgia overland

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  1. 4runnerrudy

    PSO2CureALS Aug 17-19th 2018 Backroads and BBQ

    SIGN UP TODAY: You're invited to join us for our 3rd Annual #PSO2CureALS Expedition Weekend, featuring portions of VMAN1313's GAT (Georgia Adventure Trail), which is still in development. This is an expedition like we've...
  2. 4RunnerDave

    Run to Durhamtown Off-Road Resort

    Been to this great place for a day trip. I used to ride dirt bikes here about 20 years ago. Took a sort trip back out to see what it looked like and wow! This place has 2 Jeep parks, sections upon sections of 4x4 trails ranging from beginner to Black Diamond, hill climbs, monster mountain...
  3. Tim N Michele Davis

    Georgia Transverse from the west

    We will be coming from the west hitting the Traverse about noon. What I was wondering is how far most people get the first day. Just trying to start looking at places to camp and would like some idea of the area to look in. Thanks for any help you can give