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  1. Jesper Løwe

    Danish 110" LR Defender

    This is our 110" Land Rover Defender.. The daily name is "Turbussen" which is the danish word for TourBus. We are My girlfriend and myself, and my dog. And some times our 3 kids. We use the Defender for weekend trips, scouting trips, and family holidays. Weekend trips to Sweden is at the moment...
  2. sportingroverguy

    Hello from CT!

    Hi All, I'm excited to join your ranks and look forward to meeting some of you in the near future (on the trails, preferably)! 1) Pictures: @sportingroverguy on instagram 2) Location: Lower Fairfield County, Connecticut 3) Rig: 1989, Landrover 110 CSW 4) Overlanding Experience: Novice until...