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  1. willnicks

    Fire solution.

    I've used a metal oil drain pan. Works fine, not the most elegant for sure. Lately been considering the "smoke free" solo-stove type pits. Bulky for sure, but they actually work and are safer imo.
  2. willnicks

    Front Runner Wolf Pack Legs

    I think so, it just needs a little bit of friction. Gluing some rubber to it or an o-ring/rubber band might do the trick.
  3. willnicks

    Front Runner Wolf Pack Legs

    I need to make a second set myself!
  4. willnicks

    Dewalt 20V sawzall with 12" pruning blade - chainsaw lite

    I recently tried out a Dewalt sawzall and a 12" pruning blade on some 4ish"-9ish" partially burnt logs someone left by a campfire spot. Someone's typical drunken buffoonary. The tool did really well. Not chainsaw fast, but not achingly slow. The smaller soft pine sections were about 10-15...
  5. willnicks

    Front Runner Wolf Pack Legs

    Glad you like it!
  6. willnicks

    Front Runner Wolf Pack Legs

    Thanks! Definitely a back saver.
  7. willnicks

    Front Runner Wolf Pack Legs

    That's a great idea.
  8. willnicks

    Post pictures of your camp kitchen

    I use the same boxes for my kitchen. Just posted a DIY for box legs.
  9. willnicks

    Front Runner Wolf Pack Legs

    What & Why: This is a Leg DIY for Front Runner Wolf Pack Boxes. I'm fan of the Front Runner Wolf Pack boxes and I use them for my camp kitchen. What I don't like is that they can take up a lot of table space. The alternative is keeping the boxes on the ground, which can be tough on the back or...
  10. willnicks

    SOLD ARB 82 QT Fridge $850

    Bought in August 2014, first used in November 2014. Used about 15-20 times since then.
  11. willnicks

    SOLD ARB 82 QT Fridge $850

    Give in to temptation Gary.
  12. willnicks

    SOLD ARB 82 QT Fridge $850

    SOLD This fridge has served me very well but I want the new elements version. Used but in very good condition. Includes the transit bag, 12v cable, 120v cable, and fridge wiring kit (new in bag). Great for families and long trips. These big fridges fill up faster than you think. Exterior...
  13. willnicks

    Thoughts on upgrading trans/rad/oil coolers on older model trucks(20+ years)?

    I monitor my transmission temps at the pan and the torque converter with a Scangauge that plugs into the OBD port. Not sure if your landcruiser has a port like that. If not, installing a digital temperature gauge is a good idea imo. High transmission temps on my Tundra when towing prompted...
  14. willnicks

    Thoughts on upgrading trans/rad/oil coolers on older model trucks(20+ years)?

    If your old radiator has plastic tanks I would. I plan to on an old truck of mine. If it's all aluminum I probably wold keep it. I would also plumb a separate trans cooler if you have an integrated radiator/trans cooler now.
  15. willnicks

    Best Camp Chair???

    Chair choice also depends on how much storage space you have. Chairs can take up a lot of room. With our fool-size rig we have a lot of space so we have generous sized Alps Mountaineering King Kong chairs (800lb capacity). Not that we are that big, but I wanted something that was a bit...
  16. willnicks

    Spring Break '19 Mojave Road 4/14-4/19

    Add me to the list please.
  17. willnicks

    El Cheapo Maxtrax Storage Bag

    Due to concerns about thievery & UV exposure, I've been contemplating the notion of using a bag to store my Maxtrax in instead of the external mounts I currently use. Maxtrax sells a bag for $150 and others range from $85. Nice bags I am sure, but way too much for me. I noticed that the...
  18. willnicks

    Any vegan overlanders out there?

    I like to keep it fast and easy. + =
  19. willnicks

    UPDATED: PREWITT RIDGE RD 2/17 -- CLOSED:Bixby/Coast Road 2/17

    Traffic was horrible, but overall a great time meeting up with @ScorpioVI, @2003DiscoII, @JeepWave, and @SuperLuke!