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  1. ColoradoJames

    2014 Wrangler Re-gear

    Purchased my 2014 wrangler used and it had already been jacked up and 35s put on. I figure I need a regear since I'm the highway I need to downshift to fourth or sometimes third to pass or reaccelerate up to highway speed. Question is how much am I looking at and what do I need to look for ...
  2. ColoradoJames

    Jeep Wrangler Death Wobble

    Sooooo I had the recent fun of dealing with death wobble (scary as hell ) and after months I finally got it al remedied out. I don't usually put down mechanic shops but one here in Denver high country 4 x 4 quoted me just under 10k to fix the death wobble. They stated that I needed new ball...
  3. ColoradoJames

    Hello from Denver!

    Hey everyone, Thank you for the warm welcome so far, found this group by accident on instagram. Just purchased my first Jeep, a used 2014 Wrangler which has had a lot of upgrades already installed....and a lot of mistakes along the way from the previous owner. I got it for a steal and have been...