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    Waterproofing the Plano Sportsman box

    Oh got it. The photos were hard to see what was flat and rounded. I was thinking that it was a pen you were using in the photo but wasn't sure.
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    Folding Picnic Table

    I'd like to see an actual photo of one of these things being used. Can it hold four adults? How much pressure/weight can the top handle? I'm curious too becuase we are always looking for lightweight things to pack for camping trips.
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    Chuck box ideas

    @Travelatomoverland Do you have a link to that amazing chuck box from Expedition Portal?
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    Waterproofing the Plano Sportsman box

    @AZ_Overland Did you place the flat side down in the channel of the did you apply the rubber sealer to the glue?
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    DIY Portable Camp Kitchen

    Great idea. I'm trying to see if my husband will make a portable kitchen. I would love to have something that I can have all of our dry goods in one place. To be able to move from the car and out and back again becuase sometimes we move from one camping spot to another. @ben.dicoot What is above...
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    Lifestyle Overland 2014 4Runner Build

    Hey, did your 4Runner Trail come stock with Bilstein shocks? Mine did and I was wondering if you switched those out with the ICON configuration, or did you leave the original ones on? In addition to that question, did you need to raise it to the full 3.5" lift that the ICON let you for those 275...