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  1. stevet47

    GX470 Air Compressor

    I do not have experience with this, but I'd be willing to bet the compressor is undersized for the task.
  2. stevet47

    DIY Switch Panel Switch

    I'd recommend the VOswitch uv100:
  3. stevet47

    Clearance around air compressor?

    Got it tucked in there horizontally. Still need to wire and plumb it, but its bolted down and works, so I'm happy. Thanks for a advise.
  4. stevet47

    Clearance around air compressor?

    Thanks all. I started mounting it last night. Since I won’t be needing the on/off switch that comes mounted on the 400P, I took that end cap off and it reduced the length by 2”, so now it will fit in that spot it it’s proper orientation. I had to take the airbox, headlight and inner fender well...
  5. stevet47

    Clearance around air compressor?

    Makes sense, I’m just trying to cut back on the amount of stuff I have to load/carry, so hard-mounting means it is always there, and always out of the way.
  6. stevet47

    Clearance around air compressor?

    I decided to hard-mount my Viair 400P compressor instead of leaving it portable. The question I have is, how much space do I need to leave around the compressor for heat? I asked Viair, and they just said “keep compressor away from anything that should not get hot”. Gee, thanks Viair! I want to...
  7. stevet47

    Recovery Tracks Mounts - Cheap and Easy DIY

    Nice! I had to watch the video with sound off, so perhaps you mentioned this in the video, but you should see about epoxying those spacers to the knob so you have less parts to loose/keep track of.
  8. stevet47

    Jeep JKU Rear Window Ventilation - DIY

    What are those gutter guards made out of? Plastic, aluminum, steel...?
  9. stevet47

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Overlanding Gear Deal Thread

    I just got a gazelle t4 tent for $172.80 from They are on sale for $216 then use coupon BLKFRIDAY, and I moved it in an out of my cart about 10 times, then an extra 5% coupon popped up!
  10. stevet47

    Gazelle Tents

    FYI- you can get a green Gazelle T4 for $183.60 with free shipping from with code BLKFRIDAY Edit: I just had an additional 5% off coupon pop up for some reason so I got it for $172.80 with 1 week delivery!
  11. stevet47

    Recommendation for Air Compressor When on the Trail

    Can you elaborate? I have always heard good things about Viair.
  12. stevet47

    Front Runner Wolf Pack Legs

    This is great, way to think outside of the box! I'd be interested in taking it a step further and make the legs just under 2x the inside length of the box. Then hinge the legs in the middle, a simple barrel latch would keep them from folding on you. This would only cost a few bucks more and...
  13. stevet47

    The best travel towels I've ever used: Peshtemal Towels

    If you’ve never tried Norwex, you need to try them.
  14. stevet47

    Gear for the kids

    Also, I'd skip the mummy bag, and go for square bag for the kids, if they are anything like mine, they move around a lot in their sleep, and like to sprawl out. A good night's sleep means a happy kid the next day, and I'm all about that.
  15. stevet47

    Where do you store your food, Is it safe to store it in the car?

    Can I add trash to this discussion as well? All the cool kids have Trasheroos, but hanging your trash on the back of your vehicle cant be a good idea.
  16. stevet47

    New member in Northglenn, CO

    Just checking in... I've been following the Overland Bound's youtube videos for some time now, but just joined the website. I've been reading all the articles, listening to the podcasts, and browsing the forums; it seems like a great group of people! A bit about me... This is actually a funny...