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  1. Speric

    US West Snow Day To Uncle Tom’s Cabin- Californian Sierras

    Perfect. Didn't want to have to drive down to Pleasanton and back up. lol
  2. Speric

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Makita 36V chainsaw. I'm already in that system with batteries. This weekend was a reminder that I really needed to get one when wheeling in areas that burn. Had to turn around a couple of times after reaching a fallen dead tree from the fires in recent years. a handsaw or hatchet is not very...
  3. Speric

    US West Monthly meet-up/trip - Sonoma, Marin, Mendo, Lake

    Thanks for coming out. It was quite the adventure. I’ve already ordered a chainsaw for next time.
  4. Speric

    US West Monthly meet-up/trip - Sonoma, Marin, Mendo, Lake

    Sorry to hear, but no worries, we’ll have more of these.
  5. Speric

    US West Monthly meet-up/trip - Sonoma, Marin, Mendo, Lake

    You’ll be fine in what you have. No problem. See you at the pumps.
  6. Speric

    US West Monthly meet-up/trip - Sonoma, Marin, Mendo, Lake

    The local meet is 9 at Costco in Santa Rosa. So if you’re close to there at that time you can meet us there. I put 11 at Pomo pumps since it will take about 1.5 or so to get to that point and got folks coming from the valley.
  7. Speric

    US West Monthly meet-up/trip - Sonoma, Marin, Mendo, Lake

    Right now, I'm leaning heavily on Bartlett Springs Rd to Walker Ridge. Bartlett Springs is fairly tame for any vehicle. In summer it's doable in most 2wd vehicles. Walker Ridge is nice too and not technical. There may, or may not be light snow on the ground on Walker Ridge, though it's been dry...
  8. Speric

    USA MAP with all National Parks?

    Found this on Amazon
  9. Speric

    Traction board mounts?

    My solution is a lot like the others. A couple of long bolts that fit the channels of my racks, and a couple of large plastic knobs. I did try wing nuts at first, then discovered what a pain they were to twist off in the snow when your fingers are cold, and an even bigger pain to look for when...
  10. Speric

    US West Monthly meet-up/trip - Sonoma, Marin, Mendo, Lake

    That’s going to be hard to say since it will depend on who shows up. Unless we can decide in this thread. I just drove out to Lake Pillsbury and there was quite a bit of snow. So I’m thinking possibly doing a loop out Walker Ridge and Bartlett Springs Road. Maybe explore a spur off those if...
  11. Speric

    New Cast Iron Care And Maintenance

    a chainmail scrubber was a game changer for me. I use one with hot water and done. I don't do much special with my cast iron except use them. i have a few pans that i've been using for 20 years or so, and they are pretty near indestructible. they been soaked, scrubbed with a pad, soap and...
  12. Speric

    Best electric cordless chain saw for trail clearing? ***DeWalt Flexvolt 60V Max 16 inch or Greenworks Pro 80V 18 inch***

    Since we now have a "fire season" out here in the west, I'm realizing having a chainsaw to clear roads and trails will become somewhat regular. Last trip I went on, there was a lot of clearing needed and I didn't have a chainsaw. Fortunately the 2 other guys did. I have a hand-saw for cutting...
  13. Speric

    US West Monthly meet-up/trip - Sonoma, Marin, Mendo, Lake

    Come on up! I'm hoping we get a decent turn out. We'll determine the route based on who shows and their comfort level and capabilities.
  14. Speric

    Off Grid Chainsaw’ng

    Rear or Top hand? I just got cash for Xmas and also considering getting one. Didn’t realize there are different kinds. Does it really matter?
  15. Speric


    Sounds like a real possibility.
  16. Speric

    Friday Night HAM Radio NET

    I don't have a mic on my computer, and I would like to be able to use my handheld if possible. If nothing else, then to become more familiar with it.
  17. Speric

    Friday Night HAM Radio NET

    Total newb here. I just got my license the other day, KN6SCT, and all I have is a Baofeng handheld. What do I need to do to get in on these?
  18. Speric

    Crossing the USA/MEX border

    @Hourless Life just crossed the border recently. Maybe they'll have some tips.
  19. Speric

    Your Go To Jack

    You mean that little scissor Jack under the seat?
  20. Speric

    New member here from SF Bay Area

    Our next meet up/trip is the third Saturday in January.