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  1. Bu3

    Coos Bay, OR July 3-9th

    Have a safe trip up here. I live here in Coos Bay. Great campground you are going to. Gotta check out the tide pools right across from your campground. For a good lunch (more for beer) 7Devils is a must. Shark bites we go to often, like mentioned earlier, is really good and known for their fish...
  2. Bu3

    Northwest - Memorial Day Weekend, WABDR (modified)

    I am new to all this and have a mostly stock 2016 Tacoma TRD Off-road and was wondering if you think it would make the trails? If so, I am really interested in going. Still need to get the "boss" to sign off.
  3. Bu3

    Alex's Overland Rig and Adventure Thread

    Really like your build. I had a 2010 Frontier 4x4 but had to trade it in. I was younger and found out my wife was pregnant so got the family car. Now I got a Tacoma and want to start building it. Done a few cheaper mods so far but really like what you have done with yours.
  4. Bu3

    Just joined

    Hello everyone!! Just joined this family the other day. Been going through this and trying to figure it all out. Thought I'd introduce myself. I am new to Oregon. I got myself a 2016 Tacoma TRD Off-Road. I have watched every video from OB and love them. Let me know if you are from Oregon or near...
  5. Bu3

    New Member from the Willamette Valley

    I just joined yesterday. I am out in North Bend so not too far from you. I bought back in Sept my 2016 Tacoma and am looking to hit up some trails and learn more about off-roading and all. My truck is mostly stock besides I replaced all struts with belstien 5100 which has lifted it a little...