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  1. GPsGeeps

    Monache Meadows

    Monache Meadows lies within the Inyo National Forest at an elevation around 8,000ft and is surrounded by the Golden Trout Wilderness. The USDA website list it as a remote area of the Kern Plateau reached by a rough and rocky road, High Clearance a must, 4WD recommended. Dispersed camping ...
  2. GPsGeeps

    High Sierras - Red Lake, West Lake

    Pretty epic weekend in the High Sierras this past weekend. The goal was to camp at Red Lake via the Red Lake Trail. The trail is pretty much just fire road until you get to the gate keeper. You can either go for it here, take an easier line to the left, or a bypass to the far left. My WK2 made...
  3. GPsGeeps

    Nissan Armada "Mountain Patrol"

    Not too much of a Nissan fan. But this might be interesting to see for those going to Overland Expo WEST:
  4. GPsGeeps

    2015 WK2 Overland

    Back in 2015, I was tired of driving my truck on the long daily commute to and from downtown LA. And my wife was even more tired of me using her car. My truck was an '03 and hers was an '08. So we had enjoyed being without payments for quite some time. But it was finally time for something new...