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    Mud Flaps

    Hey All, Looking for some nice mud flaps to try and protect my bike from rocks shooting up. I love the look of Rekgen but have heard people say they aren’t as nice looking in person (and they’re expensive). Anybody have them and can share their experience? Or have any suggestions on other mud...
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    Best GPS

    Hey All, I’m looking at a mounted GPS for inside the truck. Stuck between the Garmin Overlander and the Garmin Zumo XT. Does anyone have experience with either one of these GPS devices? Or have suggestions for any others? Not completely sold on these two they’ve just been the most common I’ve seen.
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    Waterport Weekender vs. Yakima RoadShower4 - Which is better in 2021?

    Hey All, So I have the 3.8 Gallon Waterport and I am a big fan. I'm looking to upgrade to either the 8 Gallon Waterport Weekender or the Yakima RoadShower 4 (7 Gallon). Digging into other forums opinions seem to be pretty split. From looking at reviews for the RoadShower on sites like REI, etc...