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  1. Brandon Tico

    Hitting trails in Florida or up North.

    I did a lot of the TAT this last summer, it's a fun time. It starts getting really good out in Colorado. the SE portion is mostly winding dirt roads. I'm from Miami also BTW.
  2. Brandon Tico

    Jeep Owners Represent!

    Front Runner brackets and Wavian Nato cans water/fuel
  3. Brandon Tico

    Jeep Owners Represent!

    2015 JKRU
  4. Brandon Tico

    Portable ac

    I just bought an Evapolar and have used it a few times. I sleep inside my rig and it works great towards the beginning of the night. Drops the temp. almost 15 degrees. By the time I wake up though, it's just blowing room temperature air. It's a nice product for those really warm nights.