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  1. sapietrzak

    Big tall wide trucks

    I’m debating on transforming my 06 F250 into an adventure truck. Yes it has the heinous 6.0. However, the motor is completely bulletproofed and tuned. I’m debating on keeping it or upgrading it. If I keep it I want to go all out and with the adventure build. Anyone have a full-size diesel pickup...
  2. sapietrzak

    2018 Polaris RZR 1000 Ride Comand

    I got tired of the whole Jeep outfit as I was dumping money into mine and seemed like I was going nowhere with modifications. The poor thing was old, outdated and frankly not reliable. I am trying something new. A 2018 1k RZR. Not sure if this meets the criteria, but it comes locked front and...
  3. sapietrzak

    Tires, what are you running and why?

    I am in the near soon future in need of new tires. I am currently on MTR with kevlar, although I love them with how capable they are I am doing more highway driving than I would like. My vehicle does see everything from snow, mud, rock, sand and whatever else comes in front of me. I am just...
  4. sapietrzak

    Jeep WJ C guessts

    Has anyone that has a WJ welded on C gussets that are more toward the jk version? The WJ has a different layout in where the components are placed. I want something more normal that what is available. Might have to fab up my own. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  5. sapietrzak

    How much led light is too much led lights?

    Curious as to what would be considered too much? I currently have two sources on the front one on the roof other on my bumper. May add some on the fenders.
  6. sapietrzak

    Heim Joint steering

    Anyone running a heim joint setup for steering? Looking at it for my WJ.
  7. sapietrzak

    2003 Jeep Wj

    It started life as a bone stock 03 wj with 99,000 miles on it. First thing I did was a 4" RC lift. Worst lift ever. Joints fell apart quickly. Got my bumper built while I was still living in ca. Last for now is tires and led lighting. Future plans 4:10 gears Armor underneath Rear lock front...
  8. sapietrzak

    Dual battery

    Anyone running a dual battery setup? I have my 03 Jeep WJ and I bought a optima red top. Thought it was a 6 cell but its only a 3 cell (6v) was thinking of keeping it and putting a dual setup in my WJ.
  9. sapietrzak

    Laptop GPS Suggestions?

    Looking for a gps program that deals with mostly the off road world. Anyone have any ideas that can point me in the right direction would be awesome. Im currently using google earth on my tough book but want something a little better. Any general help will be appreciated thanks Sent from my...
  10. sapietrzak

    Navigation programs for pc

    Whats everyone running for gps on a computer? I have been searching for a while and cant really find a program that will work with my usb gps antenna that will go hand in hand. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Overland Bound Talk
  11. sapietrzak

    New Guy

    Hello all. I am new to this but not new to the off-road world. Looking at what would be good equipment to start looking at. Just bought me a roof rack and want to run a solar panel underneath and hookup a yeti 400 so I have a power source not relying on my vehicles battery. Im looking for...