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  1. chexmix

    CA increased gas / reg taxes: Prop 6

    So why should I vote on prop6? New tax that was added last year to gas and reg, because all of the other gas taxes got ear marked for something not related to road maintenance. So instead of fixing the ear marking issue, a new additional tax was added last year, but without being voted on? Prop...
  2. chexmix

    Vintage Winter Overland in the Snow! ❄️

    Just got back from a trip just below tahoe with some vintage 4x4's! Had a large group of roughly 15 rigs come out. We decided to camp indoors and stay at single room rustic cabins with wood burning fires keeping us warm at night. A great time with friends!
  3. chexmix

    Pismo over the long weekend - Pics!

    We rolled on down to Pismo to camp out in the dunes, over the long weekend. We had a great time during the sunny days and around the camp fire at night. Some people camp too close to the ocean! This thing was towing some out: Here's a picture a buddy of mine took: Sent from my...
  4. chexmix

    Ham radio antenna shock spring?

    I have a tri-band antenna currently on a magnet mount. You can probably guess, with a full size overland rig, every tree wants to nock my antenna off. I've looked for NMO springs but I can't find any. There are UHF springs, most are labeled CB. I'd like to move to a permanent drill through...
  5. chexmix

    To the Rubicon, in search of snow!

    Recently I helped a friend with some welding to install custom sliders on his moderately lifted 2008 4Runner. Then last week he said he wanted to go to the rubicon to test them out. So I checked the weather, 100% rain/snow till the weekend, then partially cloudy. Hey looks it's sunny during the...
  6. chexmix

    Retro overland build: Old Blue, 1964 CJ5 Jeep

    I've posted about my bronco, but I thought I'd share another rig I'm building. This one is a smaller early 1964 Kaiser Willys CJ5, and I'm doing some upgrades. The goal is an upgraded "modern" drive terrain that can cruise with a mild build that's not far from stock looking. 1964 Kaiser Willys...
  7. chexmix

    New to the forum, but not the trail

    Morning! Figure it was high time I sign up here. I've been wheeling for years starting with my full size bronco and then getting into vintage jeeps. Some of you know me already from the trail or from providing help online, asking that you only pay it forward (or with a beer). I've been...