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    The minimalist tool kit?

    1) Small socket set with a few extensions 2) Box end wrench set 3) 1/4 inch bit set with driver(I have a 150 piece set that covers screwdrivers, allen wrenches, torques, and everything else you'll need. 4) Small set of prybars 5) Pliers set Along with all of that I always have a roll of wire...
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    Camp Stove

    Coleman two burner is the way to go, I would say they are the standard that everyone else is attempting to copy. Also the pans you are using make a HUGE difference, cast iron holds heat a million times better so you use less fuel, and can clean up with nothing more than a paper town (in most...
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome Sent from my VS987 using OB Talk mobile app
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    4Runner lift

    Thanks for the info, I'm not set on anything at this point, but from what I'm getting from everyone is to keep it simple for the most part. I really want to have something that I can jump in, drive 200-300-1000 miles at 75mph and than hop on a trail and have some fun. I really like Total Chaos...
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    4Runner lift

    Godi rack?? Sent from my VS987 using OB Talk mobile app
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    4Runner lift

    I really like Total Chaos, that is the rought I originally wanted to go, do they make control arms that aren't wider?? I dont want to go the glass fender if I dont have to. Or can you run their arms and not have clearance issues?? Sent from my VS987 using OB Talk mobile app
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    4Runner lift

    I'm really starting to see your point, Overlanding is new to me, I have been building crawlers for most of my life and in that game its bigger is always better. I plan on doing a rear bumper with a tire carrier, roof rack with fuel cans, leave the stock front bumper with a hidden wench, and skid...
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    4Runner lift

    I'm planing to lift my 2013 4Runner and am leaning in the direction of Icons 3 1/2 inch stage 5 or 6. Is anyone running their suspension?? Any info will help. Thanks Sent from my VS987 using OB Talk mobile app
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    New member saying hello

    Hi all, my name is Greg, I live on the central coast of California. I have been building rock crawlers, and buggies for most of my adult life and am no changing gears into something that has peaked my attention for quite some time now. I purchased a 2014 4Runner last night and have a few plans...