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  1. MarkK

    What kind of overlanding do you do?

    Indeed - hopefully we'll get to a meet-up or events in the Midwest now that things are getting restarted. Sadly I didn't retire from the Marines and our pensions were cancelled by the Corporate and Political Oligarchy so we're working into what we thought would be our retirement years. But...
  2. MarkK

    Let's see those full size rigs - Trucks & SUV

    Paid my dues living from backpacks and in shelter halves. Let's call it "Hybrid OVRLNDR". Gets me down dirt roads and most fire trails - but NOT rock crawling ;) Always invites the "is it RVing?" debate. Truth: something in the middle and maybe the real answer is "both". I *hate* paid...
  3. MarkK

    What kind of overlanding do you do?

    Tabs or Spaces? (geek meter question) "Overlanded" in freezing weather with a shelter half and sleeping bag (USMC). "Overlanded" cross country coast to coast many times on a motorcycle with nothing but a pup tent and a backpack. RV'd for many years with rigs from a pop up to a 40' fifth wheel...
  4. MarkK

    Have a vanity license plate? Let's see it!

    It’s full-size but fits the bill for us!
  5. MarkK

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    How about a 1 ton ram? :)
  6. MarkK

    Any members in Nebraska?

    A sign moments before.. "Water May Be Across Roadway". Sums up Nebraska so far this year. 100 mile detour finding a bridge to get across the Niobrara. Pic taken yesterday.
  7. MarkK

    2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2

    Still relatively mild - compared to most stuff I do this will be the closest to stock (wonder how long that'll last...). Note the vehicle is on a 2" lift with full locking front and rear diffs from the factory so that makes it a little easier. So Far: AEV "Snorkel" Leitner Bed Rack System...
  8. MarkK

    Let's see those rigs in action

    Nebraska National Forest. You can tell because of all the trees. :hushed: Actually it's Forest AND Grasslands. About 50 miles of back country off road driving and no ones tracks but ours. It was a really good day!
  9. MarkK

    40k buget looking to join the overland community

    Toyota has a well earned reputation that's for sure. I owned an original 4 Runner back in the day - it was a tank. I still think the 24re was one of the best and most reliable engines ever built. It ran circles around my wife's 6 cylinder (also in a 4 Runner). I landed on the ZR2 because...
  10. MarkK

    40k buget looking to join the overland community

    Welcome! I'm a ZR2 owner - you can get a lot of "bang for your buck". But they are $$$$. But whatever you chose; have fun! It's a state of mind and adventure not necessarily a gear thing. But the gear is sooo nice - it comes over time. Just don't make adventuring choices your current gear...
  11. MarkK

    Hey there!

    Hey there!
  12. MarkK

    Any members in Nebraska?

    A lunch or some wheeling is good too. Fair warning - I've done the extreme rock crawling thing in the past and am going a bit more mild with the overland rig (aiming for good performance and economy while still being very off road capable) so I may be inclined to the 'chicken path' from time to...
  13. MarkK

    Any members in Nebraska?

    In Omaha - same deal. I'll day-trip anywhere within a couple hundred miles to hangout with like-minded folks. Looking forward to next time!
  14. MarkK


    New Member - Discovered this "Overland" craze and to be honest I'm incredibly annoyed I didn't sort it out sooner! Too much money into massive rigs and RVs then building off road rigs on the side... should have just merged it all into one from the beginning. Nice to be here - 1 ton diesel...