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  1. HattZ

    NW - 06 Jeep Commander build - help needed

    trip from seattle down to coast of oregon, south of seaside. sad news, now will sometimes bog down and kill engine when shifting to drive from reverse. need to take it back in. haven't had time yet. super depressing, thinking it might be transmission control module might be dying, of course the...
  2. HattZ

    NW - 06 Jeep Commander build - help needed

    progress - forced progress, but an improvement, stock transmission crapped out so... ATS, Stage 2 2003-09 Dodge HEMI 545RFE 4wd Package, in by Dynamic Diesel out of Snohomish. Great guys at the shop. Only 40 miles or so on it, I'll report back after a few thousand. They had to leave off the...
  3. HattZ

    08' Jeep Commander, Marjeep

    @nje4 i just applied to join facebook Commander Nation club, see if i can find a link to buy them and report back. they look better than the armadillo mounts i have edit: derp - second page comments.
  4. HattZ

    Nathan's Commander XK Build/Adventure Thread

    trying to do the same with an 06 commander - had some ideas for a lift, but interested in how he got his sorted out.
  5. HattZ

    NW - 06 Jeep Commander build - help needed

    first item of help needed, anyone have a good shop, ideally eastside of seattle, that is comfortable with suspension and body work? what else am i forgetting? does anyone have experience with the below companies products and should i pick anything else? am i really just dumping money into a...
  6. HattZ

    Puget Sound Overland and Coffee at Mule Expedition Outfitters - 04/28/2018

    blast.. just checked calendar.. anyone checking this and still out with the pack, or have people split off to do their own thing already? @RainGoat i tend to check the calendar whenever i think of it... which apparently doesn't work the best. oops
  7. HattZ

    Seattle area astrophotography meet and campsite cleanup, - 04/07/2018

    I brain farted on this being tax weekend. I'm chained to the desk. I also have to BBQ tomorrow for Black Lodge Research, a non profit in Redmond. So regardless of crummy weather, I think I'm out, very sorry to flake.
  8. HattZ

    Puget Sound Overlanding and Coffee Meetup #2! - 02/17/2018

    I had two calendar events set for this and didn't see an alert from either. Bah! technology and planning fail. Sorry I missed it, hope everyone had fun.
  9. HattZ

    Seattle area astrophotography meet and campsite cleanup, - 04/07/2018

    picked up a remote shutter for EOS 5D, 50D, 40D, 20D, & 10D Digital SLR Cameras - willing to share i can also bring up a 30d with an 17-85mm lens but don't have a tripod for it. neither of my cameras are new, looks like remote shutter should work for both, and are in still good working order.
  10. HattZ

    Washington State Loops

    I'm game, likely with the lady, and possibly her little brother who stationed at Whidbey currently.
  11. HattZ

    Affordable Jeep Stereo

    What brand did you get? does it have input for 3g cell connection? I'm looking at ASIN B074M69Q4N Thanks for throwing together a video
  12. HattZ

    Gauging interest for this years Memorial Day trip

    very interested, but have to be maybe for now. should be more then enough time to make the vehicle ready.
  13. HattZ

    Morale Patch Collecting

    I may have a problem. And one of my favorites (second pic). The square Maldalorian (lower ish left) is also glow in the dark. My wife teases me about who am I will leave my patch collection too after I die. Nothing that I spent time with, no name tapes etc, there's a few new ones, plenty of old...
  14. HattZ

    A little more adventure than we bargained for...

    Glad you're ok. Sorry for the damage to your baby. I hope insurance treats you right. Thanks for sharing the experience, a good reminder to go slow and go prepared. (rig outfitting and personal gear)
  15. HattZ

    Morale Patch Collecting

  16. HattZ

    Morale Patch Collecting

    I read it as "from my GOLD dead hands" ...I laughed harder then I should have.
  17. HattZ

    Bug Out Emergency Grab Bag For Overlanders

    that guy is pretty cool. like his vids. I've got a couple bags that make this idea up, but nothing dedicated to this exact purpose. I also don't wander off the beaten path far enough.. something to think about though as vehicle and skills expand.
  18. HattZ

    Pacific Northwest

    good idea, looks like a keg for the spark arrester?
  19. HattZ

    Pacific Northwest

    that is a good shirt. any good fire roads i can hit outside issy area that might be fun for my stock 06 commander? prob going to have to wait a bit to lift it. suggestions for a good 4 wheel specific shop, thinking northridge4x4, but it's out on the peninsula.
  20. HattZ

    Anyone is WA interested in a Wilderness First Aid Class? (June)

    @Doug2003 there are a bunch of other cool classes they have. I don't have time or money for most, but cool that they do the classes in Washington.