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  1. GPsGeeps

    Overland Hound

    Recent shot of Husker at 10 years old now.
  2. GPsGeeps

    Nature Photos

  3. GPsGeeps

    Nature Photos

    Sun Halo captured with GoPro:
  4. GPsGeeps


    Easter Sierras...
  5. GPsGeeps

    Nature Photos

    Morning sun in Big Bear, CA.
  6. GPsGeeps

    Lets see some trail photos!

    A couple of shots in Big Bear.
  7. GPsGeeps

    Night Shots of Camp

  8. GPsGeeps

    Nature Photos

  9. GPsGeeps

    Camp Photos!

    Eastern Sierras
  10. GPsGeeps

    I need roof rack recommendation for my Jeep Rubicon JL. I'm going to end up putting a rooftop tent on it later.

    Another option to look at is the Maximus-3 JL Roof Rack System. Super easy install. But does require drilling.
  11. GPsGeeps

    WK2's Check In!

    Nice rig!
  12. GPsGeeps

    Monache Meadows

    We sure did feel the earthquake. And all of the aftershocks. We were camped out near Monache Creek that night.
  13. GPsGeeps

    Monache Meadows

    Monache Meadows lies within the Inyo National Forest at an elevation around 8,000ft and is surrounded by the Golden Trout Wilderness. The USDA website list it as a remote area of the Kern Plateau reached by a rough and rocky road, High Clearance a must, 4WD recommended. Dispersed camping ...
  14. GPsGeeps

    Goose Lake, NM Day Trip

    Looks fun! Thanks for sharing.
  15. GPsGeeps

    Lets see some trail photos!

    Trail up to Laurel Lakes. Oh, the views...
  16. GPsGeeps

    Front Runner Wolf Pack Legs

    I ended up making a set of legs for my kitchen box a while back thanks to the OP. Thanks to this idea and my tailgate table, I have eliminated the need to bring a table on trips.
  17. GPsGeeps

    Night Shots of Camp

  18. GPsGeeps


    Nice rig! And great photos!
  19. GPsGeeps

    Memorial Weekend Trip to Southern Death Valley

    Looks fun! Thanks for sharing.
  20. GPsGeeps

    Nature Photos

    Few shots from San Bernardino Mountains.