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  1. OtterJohn667

    Bed mount spare tire?

    Considering moving the spare for my Tundra to the bed rather than underneath. Running OEM sizing, so it's not huge. But I've had situations in the past where I've been belly-down in mud and thought "if I need the spare, I'm outta luck." I'd rather not use a hitch mount, as to not obscure my...
  2. OtterJohn667

    Self-supported Yellowstone adventure

    Well, the trip is a mother-in-law, who was going to be watching our house and taking care of our cats while we were gone, fell and broke her hip last week. :( She was already taking care of her 90+ year old mother, so now those tasks and taking care of her have fallen (no pun...
  3. OtterJohn667

    Self-supported Yellowstone adventure

    Heading out in a couple weeks; the PETT came with 12 bags, I ordered another 24 from REI. That should do us, since we're planning on using it only as a backup at this point. Still working on overall logistics and planning, but I think I've got everything pretty well sorted. :)
  4. OtterJohn667

    What features does your favorite air mattress have?

    I've been unsuccessful in finding something like this; apparently I've been looking in the wrong places. Where did you get yours, may I ask?
  5. OtterJohn667

    Self-supported Yellowstone adventure

    Yup, Hayden and Lamar are two of our favorite spots to stop for long observations. Saw wolves hunting a herd of elk in a snow storm last year. :) I'm hoping for more "sit and just be" time this trip...historically we have a hard time with sitting still on vacation, we often tend to be always on...
  6. OtterJohn667

    Self-supported Yellowstone adventure

    Yup, that's the plan. We have all of our maps and Gaia, and we've started our hike/excursion planning. My wife's been going to Yellowstone every year for 45 years, so we have plenty of experience and knowledge on our side. :) Looking at some backcountry hikes we haven't done before, and ordered...
  7. OtterJohn667

    Self-supported Yellowstone adventure

    Thanks for the replies so far, much appreciated. We've been talking about our options, pros and cons, risks, etc. My wife is in the "high risk category", so we have to take our precautions to a higher level. The PETT came today, and it's a really great setup. We'll be taking it as a backup, but...
  8. OtterJohn667

    Self-supported Yellowstone adventure

    My wife and I go to Yellowstone every year, and spend a week hiking, sightseeing, eating frozen fudge bars, and just generally enjoying being disconnected. Our trip this year is planned for mid-August. However, we're living in a very different world than in the past. We're still planning on...
  9. OtterJohn667

    We’re heading out mid-August (theoretically). Trying to figure out how to do the entire trip...

    We’re heading out mid-August (theoretically). Trying to figure out how to do the entire trip self-supported (since I’m trying my best to avoid crowds). Might be a lost cause...
  10. OtterJohn667

    New member from Oregon

    Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to picking everyone's brains here! :D
  11. OtterJohn667

    New member from Oregon

    Signed up last week, long-time lurker! Looking to get into more overlanding/self-supported road trips (given the current state of the world). Not new to 4WD or off-roading, but always looking to learn more. :)
  12. OtterJohn667

    Tundra Build for Family Adventure

    Very nice!