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  1. yeos

    Best mobile air compressor unit for Overland travel?

    I have not found a better container yet. I don't mind a soft bag, but would prefer one less flimsy and more durable.
  2. yeos

    What do we really need?

    There are some people like myself that don't really know what we need until we have tried it out for ourselves and done a reevaluating process. I'll admit that I'm a gear junkie and I love to try out new gear. I read reviews for hours and still have difficulty deciding whether it would be...
  3. yeos

    Air Compressors Options

    Check out this thread if you are interested in what air compressors other members are using: Best mobile air compressor unit for Overland travel?
  4. yeos

    New Midland MXT275 (GMRS Mobile)

    Did you guys wire up the GMRS radio to an always on 12v socket or just a factory acc 12v socket? I was able to test out the MX275 this weekend and while the radio performed great, it was a bit annoying that I had to turn the radio back on after I shut down and restarted the vehicle which...
  5. yeos

    Anyone try the Yokohama Geolandar X-AT?

    We got into a lot of mud today and these Yokohama X-AT gripped and pulled me where I pointed them. I was very surprised at how well they performed at low speed and packed with mud.
  6. yeos

    What do you air down to?

    I live in WA and 18-20 PSI has been the sweet spot for me without having to worry about rolling off the bead or sidewall punctures. This is with a heavily loaded Tacoma and moderately loaded GX470.
  7. yeos

    New Midland MXT275 (GMRS Mobile)

    I was thinking more of a channel 16 vhf that's designated for marine emergency use only. I don't plan on using it for emergencies, but was curious if there were designated channels that I should stay off of for trail communications. It doesn't sound like it. Thanks
  8. yeos

    New Midland MXT275 (GMRS Mobile)

    I'm considering buying one of these and getting a license. My question is are there GMRS channels that are commonly known as an emergency channel etc? Just want to know so I have a list and don't end up using one of those channels on a trail run.
  9. yeos

    How Far off the grid is average for most?

    I don't take this "off grid" thing as seriously as others do. Some of the best places I've gone to aren't as off grid as one may think and with no other people in the area. My trips are pre-planned and I have multiple map sources that rely on gps to get me in and out so if I do end up off grid...
  10. yeos

    Anyone try the Yokohama Geolandar X-AT?

    From P to E is a huge difference in comfort, but the added durability is worth it. I'm used to E load tires. I had E load KO2s and now D load versions on my Tacoma and they have the same ride characteristics. The GX with the E load X-ATs ride better only because the suspension is softer.
  11. yeos

    Anyone try the Yokohama Geolandar X-AT?

    The tires have impressed me. I only have about 3k miles on them and have used them off road in light snow and dry dirt conditions going up the mountains. Those are not particularly extreme conditions by any means, but they did their job with no struggles. On the road they are very compliant and...
  12. yeos

    Anyone try the Yokohama Geolandar X-AT?

    I have em on my GX470. No tough trails yet, but I went on a snow run in November and they performed well in light snow. They aren't loud like most MTs, but you can just hear them compared to my KO2s which I think are very quiet. I have no other complaints other than they are heavy.
  13. yeos

    US Northwest Factor 55 Offset Hawse ARB Fairlead and Prolink

    Factor 55 Offset Hawse Fairlead for select ARB bumpers that require them. $100 shipped Factor 55 Prolink. SOLD Both of these came off of my Tacoma and have never seen winching duties. I'm returning the truck back to stock. Take $10 off the price for local pickup in Renton, WA.
  14. yeos

    Overland suspension?

    I have had the BP-51s on my 2011 Tacoma for the past three years with mixed results. The suspension works great off-road, especially at higher speeds on lengthy washboard roads and the compression and rebound adjustments actually make a difference. The bad is that they are known to leak and the...
  15. yeos

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    I ordered a Victory 4X4 Blitz winch bumper for my GX470.
  16. yeos

    Best mobile air compressor unit for Overland travel?

    I like my Viair 400P Automatic. Airs up my 33s quickly and the automatic shutoff function helps keep it cooler when moving from tire to tire. I don't like the bag though and am thinking about hard mounting it inside a hard case if I can find one that will accommodate the compressor, hose, and...
  17. yeos

    C rated vs E rated

    One thing to keep in mind. Only the D and E rated KO2s have three ply sidewalls as far as I know.
  18. yeos

    Dispersed Camping near Crater Lake, OR

    Same here, but looking to go the following weekend. Thanks!
  19. yeos

    Oztent foxwing awning Review

    I found some info on the new Batwing.