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  1. jtmiller89

    US Southeast BEERS AND GEARS

    I will just be getting home from out of state but will definitely try to be there!
  2. jtmiller89

    Cancelled TREADS AND TURNS

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Hope to be up that way next weekend.
  3. jtmiller89

    US Midwest Dirty Derby 2.0

    I wish I could unfortunately already have plans then. I hope to meet all of you soon! Stay safe and have a Great Time!!
  4. jtmiller89

    US Midwest 511 Tactical Overlanding / Off-road Truck Rally

    I would have loved to had made it however I’m in Florida until the middle of next week. Hopefully next time!!
  5. jtmiller89

    US Southeast Southeast Summit at the Farm

    Maybe we can all promise to stay 6-8 feet from each other during the event!
  6. jtmiller89

    US Southeast Southeast Summit at the Farm

    Thank You for the invite!! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  7. jtmiller89

    Overland Cooking and Recipes

    Here in the South we have biscuits and gravy as a staple to all meals. But y'all's ideas sound good too!
  8. jtmiller89

    Member Rides

    @ Barron Nice Rover! I love the LR3s. Here is a pic of my Disco 1.
  9. jtmiller89

    Member Rides

    Both are very nice. The Grand Wagoner is really cool!