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  1. STHPW05

    Hard-shell vs Soft-shell Tent

    Hello everyone. I’ve been back and forth with which roof top tent to get. I’ve been leaning toward hard shell because of aero dynamics, weight and foot-print. I’m struggling with making the best choice and hoping for some real from the field input. It’s just me and I have a Jeep Rubicon JK. So...
  2. STHPW05

    Build Options

    Hello everyone and good morning from a sunny 64° Orlando, Florida morning. I know...never happens. But it’s absolutely gorgeous here today. I’m trying to determine what’s next in the build. ‘17 Wrangler Rubicon with roof rack, winch, awning and a bunch of Overlanding goodies. I have a small leak...
  3. STHPW05

    Resolved Closed BETA Invitation: Overland Bound Adventure Platform

    I went through the steps in the email and clicked on the iOS Download button. It downloaded an app called TestFlight and is asking for a "invitation code". I haven't seen one nor do I think this is the correct app. Any insight or help on this? Thanks.
  4. STHPW05

    Rooftop Tent

    Looking to purchase a hardshell RTT. Looking into the Darche. Recommendations from experience and use, of any brand?
  5. STHPW05

    Overland Expo Colorado 2020

    Hello everyone. My friend and I are planning a trip to next years Colorado event, from Florida. If anyone along the route is interested in meeting up along the way, let’s start generating some ideas. Hope to see you all there. @IN2DEEP