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  1. LRdisco1

    Rig Photos

    New tires on my Disco today.
  2. LRdisco1

    Blueberry the 1988 FJ62

    Thing looks in great shape. Very nice!
  3. LRdisco1

    2” lift Land Rover Discovery

    Finished installing the 2” lift on the disco today. Now to buy tires. Anybody have a similar sized truck/clearance with recommendation? Pictures would be awesome to see also. Thanks guys
  4. LRdisco1

    Overland Discovery 1 build

    Getting the 2” lift in. Front is done back will be completed tomorrow. Next up tires, need to figure out the size I wanna run without rubbing etc.
  5. LRdisco1

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    I thought it made the most sense here for my truck
  6. LRdisco1

    Stealth Overlanding Rig

    Very nice. Looks super good and functional.
  7. LRdisco1

    inexpensive 5lb bottle mount?

    That looks really good
  8. LRdisco1

    New Illinois Member

  9. LRdisco1

    "Nanuuq" my Land Rover Discovery 2, ...forever a project!

    Sweet! Watched your YouTube on this even before seeing this thread. Super impressive. My disco 1 doesn’t hold a candle to your 2. Happy travels
  10. LRdisco1

    My 1999 Runner Build

    I also have the awning. Figured if I use it a ton I may upgrade to a 270 just for ease of deployment and I do feel the Napa may be a bit cheap with the fabric and Velcro. But so far so good after a few uses.
  11. LRdisco1

    Toy Yoda build

    Looks super goooood
  12. LRdisco1

    Solutions for Jack mounting

    That’s a good idea too. So many options for sure. Thanks for giving me something to think about fellas
  13. LRdisco1

    I'm the new guy!

  14. LRdisco1

    Solutions for Jack mounting

    It’s trivial, but what I don’t like is that it won’t fit in the garage with the jack mounted. Not a huge deal, I can just put it up when I’m not out. I don’t drive with it on all the time but this not being my daily driver I wouldn’t mind it staying trail ready. Thank you
  15. LRdisco1


    I don’t know this answer but wondered the exact same thing. ☝️
  16. LRdisco1

    Overland Discovery 1 build

    I couldn’t agree more. My thoughts as well. Thanks Michael!
  17. LRdisco1

    Solutions for Jack mounting

    Not sure about how I feel about the jack mounts I’ve recently purchased. It’s a must that it stays outside the vehicle because of dirt and storage room. Does anyone have a spare tire mount for a hi-lift that they recommend? Thanks in advance. The mounts that I have are hi-lift brand tubular mounts.
  18. LRdisco1

    Overland Discovery 1 build

    Thanks for the warm welcome. It’s a 4.0 V8. Your rig is super sweet! Inspiring.
  19. LRdisco1

    Overland Discovery 1 build

    Gonna build out my discovery 1 a bit. This is the second Disco 1 I’ve owned and I’ve also had a disco 2. I know their issues and how to maintain them (as much as possible). Gonna do a couple inch lift and larger tires at some point and Rock sliders. What would be your first upgrade to get it...