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  1. AlanMcW

    US Rocky Mountain Advice for an Australian couple visiting the USA

    We are planning to ship our 2010 VDJ78 Landcruiser Troopy to the USA in 2023 and aim to stay for about 12 months (as a temporary import, the Troopy can't stay in the USA any longer than that). We have an itinerary planned from LA (port of entry to USA) to Anchorage, Alaska travelling between the...
  2. AlanMcW

    Is the Garmin Overlander better than a tablet and app?

    My apologies if this has been discussed already, I don't think I've mastered the search tool yet, but is there any real advantage to having the Garmin Overlander as opposed to using a tablet and app set up. I use an android tablet with Hema Explorer app (Australia) in conjunction with paper...
  3. AlanMcW

    G'Day from Melbourne Australia

    G'Day, I'm a newly registered member but I've been watching the YouTube videos for a while now. Self-Isolating at home and social-distancing has given me some spare time to finally get around to registering. Have a good day everyone and keep well.