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  1. wolftaco0503

    Toyota Tacoma Registry

    Here's mine
  2. wolftaco0503

    Who is ForumCube and what the hell does he want?

    Who is ForumCube and what the hell does he want?
  3. wolftaco0503

    NE Illinois, Gathering of Overlanders - 09/08/2018

    Unfortunately I will out of town. Damn IT.
  4. wolftaco0503

    Anyone Been to Wyalusing State Park?

    Is that the State Park Campground?
  5. wolftaco0503

    Anyone Been to Wyalusing State Park?

    There's a campground there I'm been meaning to visit
  6. wolftaco0503

    Roof Top Tent or Ground Tent?

    Like Michael said in the video it all your preference, I know I'm not going change anybody's mind with my post. I say Hey if you got the money go for a RTT & RACK System. I know I would but I do have the coin now so I'll sleep in my ground tent.
  7. wolftaco0503


    Hello all I would like to go on the Twat run as well.
  8. wolftaco0503


    What is your Youtube name so I can watch when you get it uploaded?
  9. wolftaco0503

    Get Over it!!! (Overland Humor :-)

    The Hover Conversion is nice. Just like riding on a pillow of air.
  10. wolftaco0503

    OB Approved Becoming a Skilled Spotter

    Does being a good spotter transfer any skills as a driver?
  11. wolftaco0503

    Anyone Been to Wyalusing State Park?

    It is the Wisconsin river & the Mississippi river Converge?
  12. wolftaco0503

    Anyone interested in overland trauma/1st aid training?

    Might be interested but in Chicago
  13. wolftaco0503

    Water Crossing Photos

    Sweet I love water Crossings looking to do some of my own in the future
  14. wolftaco0503


    How much is it?
  15. wolftaco0503


    Cool I'd like to be there
  16. wolftaco0503


    When is the next gathering I missed Skottle Fest?
  17. wolftaco0503

    Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail May 18-21

    Due to lack of people this trip is Cancelled