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  1. crackblock808

    Aloha from the 808State

    Aloha My Name in Luke from the Island Oahu, Hawaiian Islands. I was wondering if anyone here has used the products. I came across their youtube channel and I was interested in their 12volt 110 AH Battery Products with the DC/DC Chargers and Solar Panels. I wanted to know...
  2. crackblock808

    Water Crossing

    When on a adventure and you come across a water crossing. What do you do or have done to prevent water from coming in to the Rig. Also what are the tip and tricks to protect your electronics inside and outside of your Rigs. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  3. crackblock808

    Kickass dual battery system.

    Aloha I was wondering if anyone was running and think about running the Kickass dual battery system D.C. Charging pack. What do you guys think about the system and cost of there products. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  4. crackblock808

    Aloha from the 808State

    Aloha my name is Luke I am from Hawaii. I have been watching the youtube channel off and on and enjoy the types of overland vehicle you feature and the places you have ventured and also the stories you have told. I hope to learn a lot and start my own overland rig. 1) Picture will post soon...