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  1. Chocs

    Reddy the Daihatsu Rocky

    There is a top down model of Pajero (Montero) Gen. 1 MK1 SWB, however, it is only available overseas but can be imported to US. A shop in Virginia and Georgia can import one for you. I like Daihatsu Rocky (Feroza overseas) too. Been looking for one before I settled with a Montero Gen. 1 SWB...
  2. Chocs

    Reddy the Daihatsu Rocky

    Another option would be a Gen. 1 Montero. Small, agile easy to maintain and fixed. [emoji16] Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using OB Talk mobile app
  3. Chocs


    Diver here! :)
  4. Chocs

    New Member from CT, USA

    Welcome to the club!
  5. Chocs

    1988 Montero MK1

    It has a 2.6L engine and IFS.
  6. Chocs

    1988 Montero MK1

    Found this rig yesterday. This will be my summer project. Sent from my A0001 using OB Talk mobile app
  7. Chocs

    Nature Photos

  8. Chocs

    Nature Photos

  9. Chocs

    Free: Canada Parks National Pass 2017

    I got my pass two days ago. I will be useful just in case you need it. :)
  10. Chocs

    Does anyone in New England Know where I can get tires?

    Check them out, I like their tires.
  11. Chocs


    Hi, I already received my certificate and emblem. Requesting to change my banner to 'Member". Thank you.
  12. Chocs

    Vermont Overland Trip

    Wallingford. Might join you in your trip. I'll just monitor your thread. Sent from my A0001 using OB Talk mobile app
  13. Chocs

    Vermont Overland Trip

    Would love to join you on your trip. I am also from CT. What is the exact date? Thanks.
  14. Chocs

    Nature Photos

  15. Chocs

    Northeast Spring Meet Up?

    I am new here and would like to meet fellow members.
  16. Chocs


    Hello Everyone! Just joined today. I love adventure and hoping to meet fellow overlanders nearby. Location: Wallingford, CT Rig: 2003 Pathfinder and 2007 Armada Experience: Novice.