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  1. dervwbus

    Chuck box ideas

    Here is my outdoor kitchen - wooden construction - permanently fixed on a swing-away tray (can be removed if really necessary) - super fast setup time - less then a minute. I wasn't able to upload a movie with more details - it's posted on my Instagram account (@dervwbus). Sent from my...
  2. dervwbus


    Location: Berkeley, California Rig: 2WD VW Vanagon 1990, Westfalia-Weekender Experience: enough to understand when I have to turn around Why: we love the outdoors and we need to get out there to stay sane :-) What else: We are a family of 4 (parents, a toddler and a baby). We bought a 2WD...
  3. dervwbus

    Whose from the Bay Area? Post a pic

    Berkeley - 2WD but lots of fun! Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  4. dervwbus

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    Hi Michael - I am a member now :-) #3052 Could you upgrade my account? Thanks - I'm extremely excited about this community and the overland opportunities here in the US. Bernd