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  1. TGF

    YETI - 2004 Discovery 2 SE7

    New parts have arrived, so I figured now would be a good time to start a thread on this. My rig is a '04 SE7, meaning it has 2 extra seats and an additional air conditioning system for the back. It's 90K miles and has Arizona and Florida heritage. When I bought it early last year it looked...
  2. TGF

    Puppy Dog Trail and Vermont Greens

    Went on a weekend camping adventure last weekend covering a bunch of the Puppy Dog Trail - a dirt road trail put together for dual use (?) BMWs that runs the length of Vermont, plus some forest roads. Terrain/views included mud, snow, rivers, fallen rocks, interesting bridges, horse & buggy...
  3. TGF

    Off Road Experience at Equinox

    This is a great way to go from limited experience to having a sense what you're doing in a very short amount of time. My wife absolutely loved it (she drove more than I did!) and wants to go back to learn about winching. Win. direct link to image
  4. TGF

    Squeaks & creaks in roof racks and other aux equipment

    Adding my Hi-Lift jack to my roof rack not only creates some rattle from the jack (better after two dampeners and a cover), but also seems to unbalance my rack a little and lead to some squeaking and creaking. I checked on tightness and that seemed okay. I was thinking of adding some silicone...
  5. TGF

    Hello from North Central Massachusetts

    Greetings folks! Looking forward to learning a lot from you as I am pretty new to this. Had some fun getting my feet wet this weekend - put some pics up here: Here are pics of my rig in a clean state - not how it should...
  6. TGF

    Green Mountains Today

    Been working on this Disco for a while now and took it up to the Green Mountains to try it out. Ended up putting my new recovery straps to use pulling two cars back up a road through mud and snow - they had been stuck for 4 hours. Nice to be able to try out the gear. The truck was awesome...