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  1. GBGCR4x4

    What about overland in South America?

    Not exactly South America, but Costa Rica is a great, great place for overlanding. full of beaches, national parks, rivers, roads, etc. It doesn't have that many camping spots, but plenty of virgin beaches where you can park, camp and stay for a few days. I'm originally from there, have done it...
  2. GBGCR4x4

    White or amber lights?

    Just my two cents: I have both, amber pods and an LED light bar (flood & spot). Honestly, the amber pods have worked well when it's raining and foggy, but not great. The LEd white light is not safe when raining, there's too much reflection and it was actually giving me a hard time to properly...
  3. GBGCR4x4

    We have HEAT ☀️

    I second this, you are right. propane tanks should rather be stored outside the vehicle. Safety comes first.
  4. GBGCR4x4

    New tire recommendations

    I personally own the BF Goodrich AT KO2, I absolutely love them. They have performed very well on dirt trails, muddy roads, crossing rivers, dry trails, you name it. They are not as noisy as the former MTs I had, and I just feel that as of today, from the tires I have tested, they are the best...
  5. GBGCR4x4

    We have HEAT ☀️

    Great to know!
  6. GBGCR4x4

    We have HEAT ☀️

    Send over an update once you've tested/used it a bit more. I like the setup of it all.
  7. GBGCR4x4

    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome! Love the trailer, great work. I was also a big backpacker in the day, did over 1.5 years backpacking Austrlaia, NZ and Asia. Now I try to travel or overland as light and as practical as I can. That said, if I can recommend, the Roadshower is a great shower system. I also have a separate...
  8. GBGCR4x4

    Camp entertainment

    Books and cards or even board games. You ever played CATAN? Great board game. I know many might not want to carry a full board game as pieces can get lost, the box can get ruined, etc. But of stored in a safe and dry place in your rig, and you have a camping table or somewhere else to put the...
  9. GBGCR4x4

    Getting started

    Start simple. I've found a good backpack can be one of the smartest investments. it allows you to take all the necessary gear in a comfortable bag, and have it with you on any hike, or camping trip when needed. As for car camping/sleeping: a good knife, a good blanket/sleeping bag, a quality...
  10. GBGCR4x4


    Never owned a Roam, but definitely a Pelican. Great boxes.
  11. GBGCR4x4

    Super large blanket for RTT

    I like the reflection feature idea. I was thinking a yoga mat beneath the mattress could do the trick for insulation as well as additional "comfort", but perhaps your idea is even better. I don't know how a yoga mat insulates. Regardless, still if temperatures get very low, a portable heater is...
  12. GBGCR4x4

    Super large blanket for RTT

    I second the Sherpa blanket. Although I personally prefer to just camp with my sleeping bag and everyone uses theirs. It's the best way to keep warm during winter. As well as using a portable heater if you can. It can be tricky winter camping depending on where you are. Perhaps to separate the...
  13. GBGCR4x4

    3rd row seats Overlanding Rig

    I've got a Nissan Armada Y61. Third row seats, car is a tank, lot's of space at the back.
  14. GBGCR4x4

    Advice needed, family sized RTT

    I'd go iKamper all the way. Very high quality, lot's fo space for 4 people, and the ladder is solid. Otherwise, there are softshells our there that can accomodate 4 to even 5 people, great ladder, etc. But if you want hardshell, in that case iKamper.
  15. GBGCR4x4

    It doesn’t matter what you drive

    I've been around with a Toyota Previa, and slept inide of it for almost two weeks. Sure, didn't get me on certain roads, but allowed me to go out and see. We did risk it once, as we got stuck literally at the edge of a lake, and getting it out was a pain and risky, but also 100% worth the...
  16. GBGCR4x4

    Roof rack

    In the end is mostly this way for everyone, unless you have a bad experience. The Baserack by ARB looks very solid, I've seen a couple. I still prefer Front Runner or even Prinsu due to the ease of mounting accessories onto them.
  17. GBGCR4x4


    In my case it depends on variables. My vehicle has a lot of heavy stuff on top, and it's old (2005), it's an Armada. For some reason, every couple of months it loses alignments, so, I end up having to align it again. I don't like to have such a heavy vehicle and not aligned, I see it as unsafe...
  18. GBGCR4x4

    RTT mounts

    I have the Front Runner Tent mount Kit over my Slimline II Tall version. Makes it quite easy to install and uninstall when required. Just make sure if you get the tall, the height of the tent won't be a problem for you.
  19. GBGCR4x4

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Latest addition: Guana Equipment MV50 portable fridge. Love the size, fits great in my trunk, and I even had a custom made 12v port installed at the trunk of my Armada. What next: Safari Snorkel Kit. I've been overlanding quite a bit recently and having to cross a few rivers. Want to get one...
  20. GBGCR4x4

    Overland Links

    Happy to share mine: Nissan Armada Y61 Old Man Emu suspension kit BF Goodrich KO2 AT 275/65/R16 tires Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack Cali Raised LED 42" Light Bar 2 xCali Raised LED Amber Light Pods Guana Equipment Wanaka 55" Roof Top Tent Guana Equipment 270 Morpho Awning Front Runner...