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  1. Gregol

    Any Ketogenic “Keto“ Overlanders?

    I use a milk frother from Ikea. You will not get a real emulsion but it does the trick and it's really cheap 3$ a piece. Buy 2 or 3 as backups because they are not military grade ;)
  2. Gregol

    Any Ketogenic “Keto“ Overlanders?

    I only go for single malt scotch whiskies and it's fine. And of course I only take a small amount every nights ;)
  3. Gregol

    Hello from France.

    Hello de Suisse Troopy 1999 HZJ75 - Switzerland
  4. Gregol

    Troopy love

    Thanks! Troopy 1999 HZJ75 - Switzerland
  5. Gregol

    New member

    Hello Lara & Bob, I just got myself a 1999 Land Cruiser Troopy and I also believe its a female ;) I gave her an official nickname "Troopydelic", but still haven't found her cute name. Troopy 1999 HZJ75 - Switzerland
  6. Gregol

    Troopy love

    Sweet Troopy! What's your roof rack brand ? I am trying to figure out how I want to convert my new Troopy. Troopy 1999 HZJ75 - Switzerland
  7. Gregol


    Driver : Gregory aka Gregol Name : Troopydelic Country : Switzerland Year : 1999 Model : Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75 Engine : 1HZ N/A 4.2 D New 2016 : Full (higher) Terrain Tamer suspension, secondary 12v battery, rear diff. E-lock, Safari snorkel, Truck-Lite LED headlamps, Bridgestone...